Rebuilding Life While Remembering Ben
Sunday, 6 May 2007
Camping and Caching


We've just returned from our first camping trip with Matthew, and without Ben.  Lots of painful memories, and the weather wasn't great, either.  But -- braving unpleasantly powerful winds, we released a Benjamin's Bug just west of the New Mexico border.  And, when the weather cleared sufficiently for us to leave our pop-up, nature walks with Matthew yielded sightings of dog-sized jackrabbits, a swimming meadowlark, and a healthy herd of elk. (Well, regarding the meadowlark, we unwittingly startled the juvenile out of the bushes and right into the Little Colorado.  We feared for its life, but it scrambled out seemingly unphased.)

Over the past month, we have also done a good bit of geocaching and associated hiking.  Our "Benjamin's Bugs" are starting to move, and we'll track their movement on the BugWatch page of  I had intended to post pictures of some of our outings as we took them, but haven't had the time. 

It's our great fortune that Matthew seems to enjoy being outdoors with us.  He is 7 months old now, cutting his first teeth, rolling all over, chatting and whispering to anyone who will listen, and smiling broadly.  He is truly a joy.











Left to right, preparing green onions, being modest, and dancing with Munya. 

Take care, everyone!

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